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“A verbal yes!”

“A verbal yes!” As I was waiting for the plane to depart for my trip to South Carolina, I overheard the flight attendant speaking to the passengers seated at the emergency exits. When she finished she said “I need a verbal yes” and they replied, “yes.” Now there was no head nodding or raising of the hand because they had to give a verbal yes, and others heard them. That’s another problem that we have in America today. Too many Christians are nodding their heads and raising their hands, but have never given God a verbal yes so, they don’t have to live according to His rules. Do you know why the Jews in New York keep getting beat up? It’s because they look like Jews. If they looked like some of today’s Christians, no one would bother them at all. They don’t go to church or live stream, and most, if not all of their friends are not saved. Saints, whether you like it or not we’re all sitting next to the emergency exits and how we walk, talk and live may determine someone’s eternal destiny! Maybe that’s why the airlines charge more for you to sit there. “And I gave her space to repent…” Revelation 2:21a

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