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“And no one sneezed.”

“And no one sneezed.” I had just finished having my car inspected and was finishing my paperwork when the Caucasian gentleman that was waiting on me said “Have a blessed day.” Now I was taken back by what he said, but I responded in kind. An African American lady was standing next to me at the counter, and I said to her, “Have a blessed day” and with a big smile she said “Have a blessed day! As I was leaving the area the Hispanic gentleman that was waiting on the lady said the same thing to me and I responded! Sometimes I think the reason blacks don’t want to go to heaven is there will be too many blacks there. But Saints don’t fool yourselves. The Bible says that God has a number that no man can number, and they’re not all negros. They had an unwritten law in California that said as long as you stole less than $900 at a time you couldn’t be arrested, and folks were stealing like crazy. Well the Governor of the State had to cancel that unwritten law! As long as we refuse to do things God’s way our nation will continue to go down the tube! Keep praying Saints! “Thou shalt not steal.” Exodus 20:15.

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