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“Banned from Lift!”

“Banned from Lift!” My youngest daughter received an email notifying her that she had been banned from the car service Lift. Since she doesn’t live far from her job she liked the convience of riding to and from work. Now she knew she had a right to rate her drivers, but she didn’t know that they were rating her too! When she called to ask why, she was told that she didn’t wear her mask even though the signs in the vehicles said to do so. Wow! Banned from Lift! Thankfully they were not the only car service in town, but it made me wonder. My daughter had seen the sign for weeks but paid no attention to it. Saints there are too many people that we know who are seeing the signs of the judgment and are paying no attention to them. They drive past multiple houses of worship but it means nothing to them until they get the email! My daughter laughed when she told me because she had other options. Unfortunately Jesus is the only way to heaven and there is no other option. Please make sure that you keep your Holy Ghost mask on at all times! “And then I will profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work lawlessness.” St. Matthew 7:23.

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