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“But the end is not yet.”

“But the end is not yet.” Last week I heard the President use the biblical word Armageddon to describe the problem our nation is having with Russia. Armageddon is found in the book of Revelation, and depicts the return of Jesus to the earth to shut down the anti-Christ and all sinners. The President has a right to be concerned because America is not found in Bible Prophecy and either we have become a third rate nation before Christ returns or one of our enemies have blown us off the world map! Thankfully Jesus said “the end is not yet.” I believe that we Christians have more work to do, more living to do, and more witnessing to do before Christ returns. Let’s not start wringing our hands and saying what’s the use! Invite someone to church this weekend, or tell someone that Jesus went to the cross just to save them, and then pray that God touches their hearts. Hey, you never know! “And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: …but the end is not yet.” St. Matthew 24:6.

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