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“Don’t blame the monkeys for the Pox!

“Don’t blame the monkeys for the Pox!” Some years ago the late Bishop C. D. Owens said that he had interviewed a monkey who was upset because humans were claiming that they had come from monkeys. “A monkey never built a fence around a banana tree keeping other monkeys from eating, and a male monkey never abandoned a female monkey causing her to raise her babies by herself! You humans must have come from some other animal!” My, my, according to Bishop, “that monkey was upset!” So don’t blame the monkeys for the pox. If you want to blame someone, blame disobedience, and that way we can all share a part of the guilt. Although we love Jesus we are not always as concerned as we should be about those who don’t know Him as a wonderful Savior of sinners. Some have stopped reading their Bibles and some have given up on church attendance altogether. This causes us to only be concerned about our salvation even though someone we may know is bound for hell, and the Lake of Fire. Remember that Jesus wants us to do our part in the winning of souls. So as we gather to worship this weekend, remember that since he saved us, He can save others! “Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and not do what I tell you?” St. Luke 6:46 (ESV)

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