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Don’t drink the milk! Why?

“Don’t drink the milk! Why? It’s spoiled!” That’s what Spanky said in the black and white movies “The Little Rascals.” I just saw a report saying that bottled water could be dangerous to our health because particles from the plastic has been seeping into the bottles. Now I’ve been drinking bottled water so long that I don’t remember when I started, and probably you too! Yes mankind is so smart and sometimes they think that they are smarter than God Almighty! Now at this stage of the game I won’t stop drinking bottled water, but I sure thank God that I got a hold of some LIVING WATER that didn’t come from a well. Yes, you know exactly WHO I’m talking about! Isn’t God good? “But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst;” St. John 4:14a

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