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“Hurry up and wait”

“Hurry up and Wait!” When I was in the army in basic training years ago, the officers would make the recruits run everywhere that they went. When we reached our destination then they would make us wait. It happened so often that the guys would say “Hurry up and wait!” I thought about that this week as I was flying to meet my wife to start our vacation. As the plane landed the passengers began to applaud, and we had arrived ahead of time! Unfortunately we were so ahead of time that we couldn’t pull into the gate! As we sat and sat I remembered. “Hurry up and wait!” Fires in Hawaii, flooding in California, and violence in all of our major cities reminded me that we Christians had better stay busy living and witnessing for Jesus; and we had better be in a hurry. Someone we know may need to be encouraged to “Wait” on the Lord, because He may not come when you want Him but He’s always on time! “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength;” Isaiah 40:31a Hurry Up and Wait!

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