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“Knife control or Sin control?”

“Knife control or Sin control?” For several days our city had to deal with knife attacks. Three individuals who didn’t know each other, were stabbing people either for revenge, or just randomly, and so far, none of these guys had mental problems. Thankfully they were all caught, but it made me wonder if our politicians were going to call for knife control? The solution is not Gun Control or Knife Control, it’s Sin Control! Sin Control?! Yep! “Man is born a sinner. He must be born again!” Unfortunately too many Christians don’t believe in sin anymore so some prayers are bouncing off the ceiling! And don’t give me that scripture about Jesus said judge not, because you know I’m telling the truth! Whether you believe it or not this nation’s demise can only be slowed down by the praying Saints. Pray Saints! “Gather my Saints together unto me; (But not all of the Saints) those who have made a covenant with me by sacrifice.” Psalm 50:5

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