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“Marco comes late!”

“Marco comes late!” Several years ago we bought that book for some of our children to read. The story is about a little boy named Marco who was late for school.

When the teacher asked him why he was late, he replied that on the way to school he met a worm who needed his help! After listening to his adventure the teacher asked, “Marco is that true?” He replied “No, but I did see a worm!”

It seems that fibs, storytelling, and lies are being passed around on a regular basis. Yes from the White House to the church house people are taking liberties with truth that should not be taken! Wouldn’t it be nice if God gave these guys the spirit of Pinocchio so that their noses would grow every time they told an untruth?

Unfortunately our Heavenly Father doesn’t work that way, so we have to be on our guard. Jesus said “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” St. John 8:32. Yes, JESUS is not our truth, but the TRUTH!

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