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“Natural Intelligence versus A.I.”

“Natural Intelligence verses A. I.” My wife and I stopped in a Dollar Tree store that wasn’t in our neighborhood, and there were no human cashiers on duty. We took our items to a machine that took our money and said thank you as we left the store. There were no security guards and no employees to be seen as we exited the store! Meanwhile we heard the announcement that Target is leaving their East Harlem location because of shoplifting! In 2022 Retailers in this nation lost 112 billion dollars because of shoplifting and organized retail crime. Now I know that some of my readers don’t believe in church attendance, but these kids and adults need to know that GOD said Thou Shalt Not Steal, and if one sin put Adam and Eve out of the garden, what will their sins do?! Even we Christians are not allowed to steal, and hell is still hot! “Let him that stole steal no more:” Ephesians 4:28A Keep praying Saints!

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