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“Red light, green light, 1-2-3!”

“Red light, green light, 1-2-3!” I’m sure that some of you remember that old kids game. I received my second Red Light video camera ticket this year, and I’m the slowest, and sometimes the most overly cautious driver in my immediate family. (Don’t ask my wife.) Now I know the cameras are out there, and sometimes I even see them, but I never worry about them until I get a ticket! The ticket says that I can plead my case, but they sent me a picture of my car going through the red light. Yes guilty until proven innocent! All I can do is pay the fine. I wonder how many people have ran the RED LIGHT of sin and don’t know that they have a scheduled appointment with the judge of all the earth? Let me tell you how to fix the ticket. Get the Judge’s Son to be your attorney. He’ll plead your case, pay your fine, and then have you declared not guilty! “Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?” Genesis 18:25E Jesus is our Defense Attorney!

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