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“Religion verses Relationship”

“Religion verses Relationship” I heard Rev. Andy Stanley say that “When religion takes first place, mercy goes out the window.” I thought about that this week as we heard that over 170 people were killed along with 13 servicemen, all in the name of a religion that has always taken first place in the lives of its followers. Yes, and they show no mercy.

Now it’s all right for religion to have second place, but it should never have first place in your life. I guess that’s why they told us over and over again that Christianity was not a religion, but rather it’s a Relationship! I remember years ago Bishop Chandler David Owens telling us that “You can be a Buddhist and never meet the Buddha; a Moslem and never meet Mohammed. But you can’t be a Christian, and never meet Jesus!” Yes I call Him by His first name because I’m in relationship with Him. Now it’s no secret that many American Blacks are now embracing Islam. Could it be that they never really met Jesus? “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” St. Matthew 11:28. Who or what do you call Him?

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