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“Telling GOD on America.”

“Telling GOD on America.” At a prayer breakfast the Mayor of the City of New York said that when we took prayer out of schools, guns came in. Boy did he get into trouble! For a few days he had to defend himself, and thankfully he didn’t back down from his statement. Now we Christians knew exactly what he meant but folks were complaining who we thought would understand that prayer changes things! Metal detectors, security guards and cameras are the norm in schools to keep children safe, but outside of the school buildings some have to run for their lives to get home safely. All because our nation has turned its back on God violence is everywhere. Dr. Tony Evans said that we are experiencing the passive wrath of God, and God is saying since you don’t want My help, then I won’t help! My brothers and sisters we can’t stop what’s going to happen to America, but our prayers may slow it down. Let’s tell GOD on America! “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face,…” 2 Chronicles 7:14. Keep praying Saints!

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