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“The bad news - Time flies, The good news - God is the Pilot.”

“The bad news - Time flies, The good news - God is the Pilot.” That was the message on the outside of my neighborhood church this week. Yes time surly does fly. One day I’m watching Amos N Andy on my black and white tv and the next day I’m watching America lose its soul on a flat screen tv. By God’s grace all of my readers will have a birthday this year and you’ll probably wonder where the time went. Well, that’s the bad news; time flies. Many in the nation will have one more day to repent of, and one less day to repent in, and they won’t even care, because, time flies! But aren’t you glad that while time flies, God Himself is the Pilot, and that’s the Good news! Since HE is the Pilot He will lead us safely to our destination, and He hasn’t lost a passenger yet! “So that we may boldly say, THE LORD IS MY HELPER, AND I WILL NOT FEAR WHAT MAN SHALL DO UNTO ME.” Hebrews 13:6

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