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“The danger of tunnel vision.”

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

“The danger of tunnel vision.” Tunnel vision has been described as “The ability to see what is in front of you, and yet not paying attention or seeing what is on either side of you.”

I thought about that this week when I received the video of some oriental Christian brothers singing “Tomorrow”, a song made popular by the Winans.

I think that some black people think that heaven is a black thing, even though watching Christian television tells us that it’s not. In the song Jesus is seeking to bring someone to Himself, but the person keeps saying, in essence, I’ll get saved “Tomorrow.” Often all around us are hurting and helpless people who need the Savior, but because we’re saved we don’t seem to see them. Yep, I think it’s tunnel vision. “I’ll tell someone about Jesus tomorrow.” How dangerous can that be?

Someone has said that “The Sinner has one more day to repent of and one less day to repent in.” When I saw the video I remembered that Jesus said “And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring...” St. John 10:16. I really don’t want anyone in hell saying “Boy that Ferguson should have told me it was gonna be this hot!” Yep, that’s tunnel vision for you! Thank you Sister Vault for the video.

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