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“What, no Duck Sauce?!”

“What, no Duck Sauce?!” Last weekend our family took my 13 year old grandson to celebrate his birthday. I had never been in a restaurant where the Chef comes to the table, sets it on fire, and then cooks the entire meal in front of you! Amazing! Now I’ve seen it on tv, but that was a new experience for me. One of my sons asked our waitress for duck sauce, and she replied, “Sorry, no duck sauce.” What, no duck sauce? My son didn’t say that, but I sure thought it because I wanted some duck sauce too! We had food, fellowship, and we shared the bill, but no duck sauce. It kind of reminded me of church. The worship and the Word is the meal, the fellowship is with the family, and we all share the bill, and that’s the offering. So you shouldn’t complain because the usher didn’t put you in your favorite seat or the choir was too loud or you thought that the preacher was talking to you. Just thank God for the fellowship of the Believers and next time bring your own Duck Sauce! “I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD.” Psalm 122:1

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