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“When thank you is not enough!”

“When thank you is not enough!” I went to my neighborhood store to pick up some items today but forgot that I had no bags in my trunk. This meant that I’d have to use the stores bags, and as soon as I exited the store both large bags literally fell apart! Holy Smoke! I had parked a good distance away and I was afraid that if I left anything behind it wouldn’t be there when I returned. As I was stuffing things in my pockets and trying to pick up my things, a lady came by and gave me a shopping bag! You better believe that I said thank you more than once! I was helpless and the Lord sent me help. In fact, that’s how I got saved so many years ago. I was helpless, and the Lord sent me Jesus! I think I’ll go to church Sunday and thank Him again. “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” St. Matthew 11:28.

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