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“When the Emergency Response doesn’t work!”

“When the Emergency Response system doesn’t work!” While listening to the radio the announcement came on saying the station was testing its emergency response system, so I prepared myself for that annoying beep. However instead of the beep the station went back to its normal programming. About 20 minutes later the announcement came again with the same results! Some time later it finally finished, telling me that “had there been an actual emergency…” Had there been an actual emergency I would have been in a heap of trouble because the system didn’t work! Sometimes I think that we depend too much on what man says and not enough on what God says. After all we Christians have a built in emergency response system and we are not surprised or fooled by what’s going on today in society. Yes, we read the newspaper and the Bible, and if the Bible is right, then somebody is wrong! So stay prayed up so that your system will continue to work. “And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.” St. Matthew 24:4.

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