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“When the invisible becomes visible”

“When the invisible becomes visible” This week we had a visit from the remnants of a hurricane, and although it had been downgraded, it was still able to do much damage in many areas of New York.

In fact as of this writing, over 17,000 trees are no longer where they use to be. In my area the problem wasn’t the rain, it was the wind, and even though we couldn’t see it, it reeked havoc all over the place. Yes cars crushed, wires down, and some homes damaged beyond repair; all because something invisible became visible.

Now no reasonably thinking person would say that because they didn’t see the wind there must be “no wind.” Yet that’s how some people want to treat God. Thankfully over 2000 years ago the Invisible God became the Visible God so that all will be without an excuse! “And Jesus came and spake unto them saying, all power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” St. Matthew 28:18. All power? Yes, all power. Soon the Invisible will become Visible again, and won’t the world be surprised!

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