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Leadership: Our New Pastor


Ronald Ferguson Jr. 

As God continues to bless our church we are happy and excited to introduce our New Pastor.

Superintendent Ronald Ferguson Jr. 

Superintendent Ronald Ferguson Jr., proud pastor of the Grace & Truth Gospel Temple COGIC, was born in Brooklyn New York. He holds a degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, with a minor in Business Administration from Hofstra University as well as a liberal Arts degree with a focus in English from Queens College CUNY. Superintendent Ferguson has matriculated through the educational system to land jobs and positions with the United States House of Representatives, Chase Bank and Akerman LLP. His strong diverse background gives him a profound approach to understanding the issues and challenges that face our world today. 


Even with all of his educational accomplishments his desire is to help those lost individuals find their place in God. After graduating university Superintendent Ferguson began to focus more on ministry. Under the tutelage of his father, Bishop Ronald Ferguson Sr. Our new pastor upon his elevation in 2021, has begun to seek to put a new comprehensive approach to ministry seeking to encourage the individual and help them to live a Christ centered live. Our pastor knows that in order for men and women to find Christ we must present a loving environment that includes education and emphases on who Christ is and what he will do for you. 

Most recently our Pastor was appointed the New District Superintendent of the Hosea Bankston Memorial District, by the direction of Bishop Frank A. White, Jurisdictional Prelate, COGIC. Our Pastor now oversees five churches in our Jurisdiction. His plan is to encourage all the pastors of these churches, helping to provide resources and support to all the churches and members of our district. We thank God for the leadership of our New Pastor and all the new and innovative initiatives he's put in place since becoming our New Pastor. 

May God continue to bless our New Pastor. Superintendent Ronald Ferguson Jr. 

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