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Order Of Service

Sunday School For All Ages

10:00 AM

Sunday school is a Christian educational institution, catering to people of all ages to learn more about the God that we serve. Come out and join us. If you don't know your bible, you need the Sunday School; if you do know your bible the Sunday School needs YOU!

Mountain Moving Prayer

every Tuesday

11:30 AM

God is in the mountain-moving business!  He knows exactly what to do to remove any and every “mountain” that comes our way. Come to prayer and lay all your cares upon the lord and leave knowing that God is in the process of moving those mountains.

Sunday Morning Worship

12:00 PM

​Come worship with us every Sunday morning. Arrive early to get a seat and be refreshed with a time of praise and worship followed by an inspirational expositional message preached from God’s Word. Come experience 

Grace & Truth Gospel Temple "where the love of God Abides."

Wednesday Night Prayer and Bible Study

7:30 PM

Come out to bible study where we at Grace & Truth call our mid week meal to learn more about the ways and will of God.  Get answers to tough questions and leave filled with knowledge that will help you with your Christian walk

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